Boolean Labs

Boolean Labs


Boolean Labs is a web3 venture studio. We build new tech companies in crypto/web3 from scratch by pairing ideas with experienced operators and providing the capital they need to grow and scale.

Boolean Labs is a collaboration between Diagram Ventures, a $300M venture studio based out of Montreal, and StreamingFast, a team of web3 builders, investors, and core developers of The Graph protocol.


> Web3 product analytics platform

> Raised $4m seed in 2023 led by Diagram with participation from StreamingFast, Sfermion, Sparkle, Big Brain, Fenbushi, and Builder Capital

> DeFi yield APIs and stablecoin access in emerging markets

> Raised $17m seed in 2021, with participation from Portage, Gemini, Gradient, Jump, and others

Katara > LLMs to power software for DevX teams Hikari > LLMs to power software for Compliance teams


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